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Nature and Humanitarian help Tenerife NaHhT

With our project in Tenerife, the plants as well as the handicapped
people should be free to develop.

By creating an area of activity for the above-mentioned people, their time and willingness to work and their responsibility are encouraged, while at the same time something is done for nature on the island of Tenerife.

Here, it is very important that the people feel themselves in their field
of activity and help with the pleasures of nature.

We have set ourselves the task of promoting both sides and helping both sides.
For this reason, we have contributed the donation furnished.
We would be delighted if you also contributed to your part!
For nature conservation is for us all thought!

The beginning has already been done!
Further plantings are to be provided on a plan
Finca in the north of the island.

To do something good for our project by making a donation.
Here the corresponding links:

or donate by bank transfer to:
Asociación Ordo Supremus Asistencial Icod Canarias
BBVA Icod de los Vinos
IBAN: ES33 0182 3130 17 0201560449

We thank you for your support.


You are also welcome to sign up on this site, and you will be informed about the changes and updates of our project.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, which can be done quickly and easily via this form.

You can register for this page under the following Link.

This page is for the presentation of my project which is in the association “Ordo Supremus Islas Canarias” integrated.

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  • 1. How i can donate?

    You can make a donation in different ways!
    First go donations with PayPal, or with Bitcoin, you can send us a check, or via our project Crowdfunding International send.


    Donations for our Projekt

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    We thank you for your support!

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  • 2. What happens to the donations?

    The incoming donations are used as described on the page for the help and support of the project, all donations which are booked, go to an account which is used for the realization.
    No wages, salaries or other costs are covered.
    For this, we have our company in which I (We) are mainly employed.

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  • 3. What is the development of the project?

    The first step is to translate the project into the Spanish language to present the overall concept of the government in order to take it into the obligation.

    The second step will be to acquire a corresponding finca with the donations they have taken which will then be securitized into the organization, which is securitized with the purchase in the same breath, in order to at the same time offer the disabled people here an opportunity to create a field of activity In the houses since these people receive very poor professional support from the state.

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  • 4. Why did you set up this project?

    This project was started for the following reason!
    My daughter is one of the affected persons and through her contacts from the school time we are aware that it is not only you so that you can not make a professional career here in the Canary Islands, because here is rather like to see that the impaired People are staying in the houses and the misery is not borne to the public.

    And on the other hand, throughout the years, I have pursued the robbery of nature, which I regard as a disgrace to the protection of nature.

    It is also to consider that ancient plants the health surplus value simply extinction.

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  • 5. I would like to start such a project, how does it work?

    Now I started a project at Crowdfunding International, which was my first step!
    If you want, I'll show you how it goes!
    Please feel free to contact me via this form and I will get in contact with you.

    Or if you already own the communication option via Skype, you can contact the following button.

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